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The Merchant Marine Game



DISTANT SEAS is a realistic and exciting board game:

  • You command a merchant ship, loading and delivering cargoes around the world.

  • You chart your own course through the seas of the world, plowing through storms and other dangers.

  • You take your ship to some of the storied seaports of the world:

    • Hong Kong, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Zanzibar.

  • You build up a fleet of merchant ships that operates in every ocean.

  • You will need many skills to win at DISTANT SEAS, including a sense of adventure, because this game takes you around the world.



Ordering Information

Quantity and Shipping Options

Retail Price:  $30.00 US.  Send a check or money order to the below-listed address (shipping is free in the United States; add $10 for foreign orders):


Address:  Distant Seas Publishing Company

                10508 Royal Rd

                Silver Spring, MD 20903


                (note: NEW ADDRESS)



For any additional ordering information or to contact the creator, send an email herevprood@distant-seas.com

Comments, Questions on the page, email here: webmaster@distant-seas.com


Copyright (R) 1992 Vernon Paul Rood

DISTANT SEAS™ is a registered trademark of the Distant Seas Publishing Company

Home | Educational and Fascinating | Reviews of Distant Seas | Three Games In One!

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