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Educational and Fascinating

DISTANT SEAS explores new dimensions in educational gaming, offering both exciting play and high educational content.  In the process of transporting cargoes around the world, you learn much about merchant shipping, world trade, world geography, maritime history, ships, and the sea.
Review from Gaming & Education (Autumn 1994):

  • “Distant Seas™ has players compete for cargo in any one of three time periods:  sail, steam, and modern.  The rules are clear, and the heavy-duty world map is accurate and easy to read.  This Monopoly™ of the high seas allows students to learn the qualities that made for profit and failure in each era.  I have a copy in my classroom, and while this is not the simplest game, my students were drawn to the eye-catching map, and they began playing on their own.  They preferred the modern era; it’s the simplest to get started, but they were intrigued by the meteorological rules for the sail-shipping game.  This game has applications in studies history, economics, geography, and technology.”

DISTANT SEAS was invented by Vernon Paul Rood, who wrote his doctoral dissertation on German merchant shipping, and who has studied maritime affairs for many years.  His experience in playing board games over the years has enabled him to translate the complex world of merchant shipping into a game that he hopes is both realistic and playable.

Home | Educational and Fascinating | Reviews of Distant Seas | Three Games In One!

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